Our extensive expertise in promoting companies into a variety of industry-leading trade shows. Also promote brands through product competitions and product awards. Our existing trade shows or new market segments differentiate from the competition. We help companies exceed their goals and objectives capturing greater market share. We do an effective job at creating solid strategic alliances with the top trade publications and industry associations. We live and breathe social media communications every day. Confexpo Ltd provides each company specific communities to drive the advantages and engagement that social media provides. Special events whether it’s a press conference or an awards party, we handle all the arrangements. We specialize in working with food, beverage and tourism companies.

A trade fair has still an important place and a role in the global village, even just for doing business. It has anyhow the much larger scope of a dynamic meeting point and of a targeted and condensed platform for many activities. A trade show can also be considered a knowledge-based “temporary cluster”, of special relevance for developing countries where large industrial clusters do not exist and the exposure to advanced markets is often limited. The exhibition then offers a learning opportunity through the relations that local SMEs can establish with leading and innovative foreign companies participating in the event as exhibitors.