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Agritourism project proposed in Gozo
The development is set to include a shop, a winery, tourist accommodation, and other ancillary facilities as being proposed by Ta’ Mena Estates in the Ta’ Srug area of Xaghra.

An agritourism project along Marsalforn road in Xaghra, Gozo could become the first beneficiary of a policy allowing agri tourism development in the countryside. The development is set to include a shop, a winery

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Do Not Buy Another Bottle of Oliver Oil Until You Read This
If you don’t know what to look out for, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the glut of olive oil options in the grocery store aisle. So many fancy names! So many colors! So many virgins!

To prevent paralysis from setting in next time you go to grab a bottle of EVOO, we tapped the liquid lipid-loving experts at the The Olive Oil Source and Truth In Olive Oil to put together a quick-and-dirty buying

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Why wine will taste different from year to year
You may love one Paso Robles Syrah and try another from a different vineyard down the road and hate it. Why?

If you pick up a bottle of your favorite whiskey once every year, it will almost certainly taste the same each time. Same for other spirits and beer. These drinks are made using consistent ingredients and recipes. This isn’t the case with wine. One of your favorite wines one year may not please you at all the […]

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Three favorite summer rosés
I think it’s safe to say that the secret is out: I love wine! Evidence for this statement can be found here, here, here, and here, for example.

In the summer, nothing beats a glass of chilled rosé for me. One thing I love about rosé wines is that they are so versatile. They will go nicely with a fish, a salad, grilled chicken or pork chops, or a nice steak tartare.

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