Aristion Awards 2016

Olive oil marketing strategists agree that brand awareness in any industry gives that company an edge. Brand awareness accomplishes several objectives for companies seeking to increase sales in…

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Olivine Expo 2016

The title of the event Olivine expo combines the Olive and the Vine-Wine. Olive oil and wine happen to be two of my favorite topics, both to drink and to discuss. Sharing a similar history, wine…

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Eleotechnia 2015

Eleotechnia will be co-organized with the Olivine expo. It’s focus on the olive oil and wine materials, machines, technical support, packaging process machinery, special items of the production, services.

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Wine Olymp Awards

The Wine Olymp Awards is an organized event in which trained judges competitively rate different vintages or bands of wine; using blind tasting of wine to prevent bias by the judges. The awards are bronze, silver…

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Taste Olymp Awards

The food and drink competition reward products in the form of a metal. Competition classified into different categories, and most awards are product-specific such as for pasta, meat products, honey, marmalade,…

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Design Olymp Awards

Consumers today associate with a product through their connection with a company’s brand. That’s why it’s more important, the business owners, to make sure their company’s brand is unique…

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